GCIG: Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup

GCIG CA 125 Response Definition

NOTICE: CA 125 Definitions Agreed to by GCIG - November 2005

NOTICE: GCIG CA 125 Response Definition published in 3/17/04 JNCI

GCIG CA 125 Response Definition

Definitions for Response and Progression in Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials Incorporation RECIST 1.1 and CA 125 Agreed by the GCIG - 2010

New Guidelines to Evaluate the Response to Treatment in Solid Tumors - 2000

GCIG CA 125 Response Data Set - Excel

GCIG CA 125 Response Test Data - Word

GCIG Progression Definition Incorporating RECIST and CA 125 - 2000


4/21/09 AACR UPDATE ON CA-125

"A rigorous validation study of more than 50 potential markers for detecting early signs of ovarian cancer in blood has found that the most accurate marker is CA-125, a protein that is already routinely monitored in women with the disease..."

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