GCIG: Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup

Enhancing the Global Impact of Clinical Trials in Gynecologic Cancer

  • Promote international cooperation
  • Promote clinical research
  • Perform studies in rare tumors
  • Stimulate evidence-based medicine
  • Support educational activities
    News and Events:  

10th International Symposium on Advanced Ovarian Cancer. Optimal Therapy Update

GCIG Principles of Independence

Travel Support Application
2014 Annual Spring GCIG Meeting Chicago, Illinois USA

2014 Annual Fall GCIG Meeting Melbourne, Australia

Mission Statement:

The Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup aims to promote and conduct high quality clinical trials in order to improve outcomes for women with gynecologic cancer.  We achieve this through international collaboration, a strong sense of common purpose, shared expertise, and mutual respect among members.


Disclaimer: The GCIG is a separate entity from IGCS and,
as such, is solely responsible for its content.

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